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Alliancys offers a broad range of courses and training which will teach you how to assess & audit an organization, to develop or re-use a solution blueprint and to execute the change needed to achieve the desired business vision and goals.

Take hands-on training courses to build your A2, ESF/3 or CEF expertise. Take a single course, subscribe to a year of on demand courses, or follow a step-by-step learning path.

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Getting A2, ESF/3 or CEF certified validates your product expertise and opens the door to new career opportunities. Passing an online or in-person exam proves you have the latest, most in demand skills. Increase your earning potential in a competitive global job market

Alliancys Training Certification

A2 Auditing & Assessment

  • A2 Training
  • Certified A2 Auditor

ESF/3 Solution Blueprint Framework

  • ESF/3 Professional Training
  • ESF/3 Foundation
  • ESF/3 Certified Professional
  • ESF/3 Certified Architect

Change Execution Framework

  • CEF Training
  • CEF Certified Professional
  • CEF Certified Manager

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