Alliancys Solutions

Alliancys Solutions

  • Alliancys is built on the belief that great solution (design) can only be delivered by passionate people with a deep understanding of the client and its environment for which we are designing, orchestrating or implementing the solution for. Just like in designing an architecture for a building, we design solution blueprints targeted at business and IT transformation initiatives, provide expert consulting services and deliver (custom) consultancy products which were developed as part of previous projects and initiatives (enabling our clients to speed up their project considerably). Next to this we orchestrate and manage change initiatives on behalf of our clients resulting in controlled and succesful projects. As Alliancys has been providing solutions to organizations for over 20 years we have built up a large library of solutions which can be applied to business challenges already experienced by other organizations like yours.

Architectural Context

  • Enterprise Architecture Roadmap
  • Solutioning Process Template
  • ESF/3 PSA Process & Templates

Governance Context

  • Architectural Artefacts Mapping
  • IT Governance Roadmap
  • IM Governance Strategy & Plan

Environmental Context

  • External Threat Analysis Map
  • Stakeholder Prio Map
  • Legal Impact Assessment
  • EA Principle Management Plan

Performance Measurement Context

  • KPI Framework for IT, IM & BP
  • KPI Policies
  • KPI Benchmarking

Capability Context

  • Capability Frameworks
  • Capability Assessment
  • Capability Function Diagram

Project Context

  • ESF/3 Project Plan template
  • ESF/3 Business Case template
  • ESF/3 BC Development Process

Organizational Context

  • Organizational Behavior Assessment
  • Strategic Stakeholder Management Plan

Vision & Strategy Context

  • Visioning & Storyboarding
  • Strategy Development Plan
  • Strategy Roadmapping