Alliancys Solutions


As part of the continuous creation and updating of ESF/3 Solution Blueprints new solutions/products (components and templates) are being developed. These products can be re-used as part of new or existing blueprints or can be used in a standalone context.

These products are always related to specific ESF/3 domains and can be purchased as part of a Solution Blueprint or Consultancy Assignment.

Alliancys Solutions

Architectural Context

  • Enterprise Architecture Roadmap
  • Solutioning Process Template
  • ESF/3 PSA Process & Templates

Capability Context

  • Capability Frameworks
  • Capability Assessment
  • Capability Function Diagram

Governance Context

  • Architectural Artefacts Mapping
  • IT Governance Roadmap
  • IM Governance Strategy & Plan

Project Context

  • ESF/3 Project Plan template
  • ESF/3 Business Case template
  • ESF/3 BC Development Process

Environmental Context

  • External Threat Analysis Map
  • Stakeholder Prio Map
  • Legal Impact Assessment
  • EA Principle Management Plan

Organizational Context

  • Organizational Behavior Assessment
  • Strategic Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Organizational Change Readiness Assessment

Performance Measurement Context

  • KPI Framework for IT, IM & BP
  • KPI Policies
  • KPI Benchmarking

Vision & Strategy Context

  • Visioning & Storyboarding
  • Strategy Development Plan
  • Strategy Roadmapping

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