In delivering our products and services we follow the RACE approach. By adopting RACE we are able to consistenly deliver high
performing integrated services wich are effective and result driven. Our aim is to support our clients in solving complex challenges
and to achieve the desired vision and related goals & objectives in a controlled and efficient manner
What is RACE?
At Alliancys we have developed (and perfected) an integrated approach to delivering our Consulting Services, called
RACE. RACE is at the foundation of our DNA and stands for:
Recognition of the symptoms and identification of the problem source(s);
Acknowledgement of the underlying causes and association of the related solution(s) (blueprints);
Acquiring commitment from (key) stakeholders involved in the probosed solution(s);
Controlled execution of the (customized) solution.
We have adopted the RACE-approach for all our consulting services. This enables us to “package” (best-in-class)
solutions, optimize solution components to fit our clients’ needs and speed up delivery and implementation times.
RACE ensures that our clients benefit from:
Operationalization of our combined knowledge obtained through previous project experiences, standards and best