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A solution blueprint is a diagram that visualizes the relationships between different solution components — people, processes and means (applications or means) in a specific change initiative. Solution blueprints give an organization a comprehensive understanding of its processes and the underlying capabilities and resources — seen and unseen to the user — that make it possible. Focusing on this larger understanding provides strategic benefits for the business.

Blueprints are treasure maps that help businesses discover weaknesses. Blueprinting exposes the big picture and offers a map of dependencies, thus allowing a business to discover a weak item at its roots. In this same way, blueprints help identify opportunities for optimization. The visualization of relationships in blueprints uncovers potential improvements and ways to eliminate redundancy.

Blueprinting is most useful when coordinating complex change because it bridges cross department efforts. Often, a department’s success is measured by the change it is executing in its own ranks. However, organizations encounter many issues throughout the change and don’t know (or care) which department owns or is responsible for which issue or problem cause. While a department could meet its goal, the big-picture, organization-level objectives may not be reached.  Blueprinting forces businesses to capture what occurs internally throughout the totality of the change journey — giving them insight to overlaps and dependencies that departments alone could not see.

Alliancys offers extensive blueprinting services to a wide array of customers in a wide variety of industries. This enables us to find (or re-use) reference solution blueprints empowering clients to quickly identify problems, issues and potential solutions.

Alliancys Blueprinting

Enterprise Context

  • Visioning
  • Strategy Development
  • Environmental Threats Scan

Business and Processes

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Capability Assessments

Information & Communication

  • Information Management Governance
  • CIO Office Implementation
  • Information Modelling
  • Data Quality Governance


  • Application Landscape Rationalization
  • Application Life Cycle Management
  • Application License Management


  • System SLA Management
  • Systems Monitoring KPI
  • Cloud Migrations


  • Cloud Services Implementation


  • EAI Strategy
  • Service Bus Implementation
  • Common Data Model Governance
  • EAI Chain Management


  • Security Auditing
  • Security Architecture Implementation
  • GDPR Implementation Plan
  • Security Compliance Framework

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